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comment1 posted on 2008-01-31 10:43:23

I think more examples would be helpful.

comment2 posted on 2009-03-17 08:18:07

I find the sunlight on the water distracts my attention from the jellyfish.

comment3 posted on 2009-09-26 09:32:45

Very well explained sir. As a newbie this tutorial is a great help. I'll continue to read all your articles and I think this will make me a better photographer in the long run. Thank you very much and God bless...

comment4 posted on 2009-11-05 21:50:05

so nice!

comment5 posted on 2010-05-24 09:01:34

really-really superb

comment6 posted on 2011-03-03 08:38:02

wow what can i say

comment7 posted on 2009-05-14 15:27:24

love,love, love this photo

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