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comment1 posted on 2006-04-11 12:01:00

I'm not doing weddings, but I've used a slaved (manual) 2nd flash in the past with success. I just received shipment of my second Canon 580EX for use with my Canon 20D. It offers several channels of wireless communication (in case another photographer is also using the Canon wireless system, and up to three "groups"" of wireless slaves. I'm just using the two (one on camera, one off) and I find it easy to get anywhere from 1:1 to 3:1 lighting using the off camera light as my main. I can dial in my values on the master strobe. I've also picked up a very inexpensive pair of Motorola T5500R 2-way radios with earbuds and tiny lapel mikes. This should help communication between myself and my mainlight assistant. Thanks for the great article, Ed! Bruce Philpott"

comment2 posted on 2008-04-21 08:07:26

Very good article, we (I mean everybody who read your webpage) truly appreciate what you do, but in this case in particular when you talk about the 6 methods, it is difficult to get the exact picture, a diagram or a picture would be more self explanatory. I don't know if you can do this, but anyway. Thanks

comment3 posted on 2008-08-20 07:18:08

Very nice article & Advice would like to see some of the shots using the diff. techniques described. Thanks for the info.

comment4 posted on 2010-05-24 09:02:10

actually, the visual schemes would support very much the words as I prefer to see it once then read hundred times.

comment5 posted on 2010-08-30 13:54:35

I learned how to use a second light when shooting wedding candids from Glen Dreesen 27 years ago and still use it today.

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