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comment1 posted on 2006-04-18 17:05:00

nice...just what im looking for...thanx man...oh..thanks for the one from adobe exchange...

comment2 posted on 2006-04-23 20:18:00


comment3 posted on 2006-02-15 11:30:00

I would have a faster way to get the same result ... but is not bad ... actually you did gived me some ideas. Thanks!

comment4 posted on 2006-02-15 04:22:00

ale nie wiem po co tyle kombinowac ^^

comment5 posted on 2006-02-15 05:50:00

get rid of the cooking analgy, show your version adjacent to a simple (typical) user bw conversion, so I can see what the your method has to offer...

comment6 posted on 2006-02-20 15:11:00

i cant do it cuz i dont know where do you go to and do stuff like that like do you go to paint then find that channel or what?? i really want my pictures to be black and white

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