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Thoughts and Writings

       Act without contriving;
       work naturally, and taste the tasteless;
       magnify the small; increase the few,
       and reward bitterness with care.
       Seek the simple in the complex,
       and achieve greatness in small things.

Well, everything in our life starts with a single thought. And I am not an exception, here some of my thoughts that turned into words or actions:

  • My life in US - almost a novel about my first months in the USA (Russian Version only).
  • Speeding Ticket and Court - a short story how I got a speeding ticket and what happened then in the court (Russian Version only).
  • The Tao Te Ching - a way of life that was described many centures ago, but I had to find it by myself, before reading these lines...
  • Yet unfinished story with photographs about my trip to Maine (Russian Version only).