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Frequently Asked Questions about The Website

Here you should find most of your questions answered. Though if we missed anything, please, give us a call and we will be glad to answer them.

Just a few suggestions about my site. Don't take it seriously, why should you, anyway? Just there are a few elements that may rise your eyebrows. Or what if You have a question and I haven't provided a way to answer it? So, let's clarify some of them...

What is your mission?

We strive to egnite sparks of joy in hope of warm flames of everyday happiness and to preserve the whole rainbow of human emotions to revive and remember. We start by capturing life and continue by delivering exceptional products and services. And there is no end to it...

Why do you take photographs?

That's a very good question. And probably there is no simple answer to it. It took me several minutes to find a good answer. Have you ever felt especially good when some wonderful sounds were coming out of your mouth? Most probably in your childhood. Some sounds were such beautiful and it felt great just to make them. Later those sounds could transform into songs, which people could actually like. But still, just the mere action of making those sounds and feeling them in your throat, feeling the vibration and the way the resonate in your body was worth by itself.
Well, it's somewhat similar to photography for me. Though with photography I feel the world. Not just see it, but let it flow through my body, my mind and soul. It vibrates and resonates inside me, and it creates those images and visions, which just have to be expressed in some way. A musician probably would write a song, a painter would create a masterpiece, and I try to capture these visions with my camera.
And as a byproduct people like these photographs and when the express their good feelings toward the photographs I feel better as well. So ultimatelly I feel good when I touch the world, when I take a photograph and when people like what I did.

Where are you heading?

The simple answer is "To A Better Life" smile. Well, almost anyone will answer like this. So, let me elaborate on it. This business started without a special thought or even a second thought. It simply took the biggest part of my soul and life and started to grow. From the pictures and the website to wedding photography, portraiture and graphic design. And so far, I am quite happy with it. I am trying to learn more about the business part and improve my skills in the art department. How do I see my future? At this point, the business is a side job for me, and I'd like very much to dedicate all of my time and passion to it. That's why I will go in this direction and will try to devote myself to your needs and wishes as much as I can in hope of a better life for all of us.

What could you do with my pictures?

Initially I didn't care much about how my pictures are used or whether people download them. Though in order to be a better businessman and allow my business to grow the "regulations" changed. Though I still understand that many people will do it and use it without me being aware. To some extent it is forgiven, but if these photographs helped you or even earned some money - please let me know and may be even provide some appreciation smile. Generally, I'd rather help you with your task or job and provide a high resolution image on some terms benefitial to both of us. So, just let me know and we will figure something out.

Related to Wedding Photography?

I anticipate many questions and inquiries regarding the wedding photography services, so there is whole bunch of questions and answers, as well several articles that could help you with your dilema:

Any questions?

And finally, if you have any questions about any other techniques or skills I have, which may help you - just send your questions and I will promptly answer the question. If it could be a common question (in interest for many people) - I will write an article and publish it on my website. Such questions may include application of the Photoshop in photography (I know some stuff that may be useful for you) or photography itself (if I don't know - I will try to find out). Anyway, I want to help you and satisfy at least some of your needs - by doing that I please myself and learn new stuff.