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Graphic Design

Because design of wedding albums has required development of special skills and a better knowledge of Photoshop, we decided to offer the learned skills to our customers. These skills and experience along with the benefit of being masters in photography allow us to address many of the customers needs:

Photo Album Design

wedding album

Of course, the design of wedding albums for the bride and groom and their parents plays significant role in our wedding photography business. But we do not limit ourselves to only the wedding albums. The photographs of a wedding are still photographs, though they have that special mood and importance to our clients. And we will be glad to design any photo album for you. Do you want to nicely arrange the photographs from the great vacation you just had? Or you are thinking about capturing memories and giving it to someone special? A photo album would be a great way to do it. Just ask us and we will work with you to create something that you will be proud to display to your friends or present as a gift.

Marketing Materials

marketing materials

Our artistic vision combined with extensive skills will be a good base for us to help create distinctive and high quality brochures, flyers, business cards or any other pring materials, which you could successfuly use in your marketing campaign. Let us boost your marketing efforts and attract more clients with stunning photographs and design. Do you need a portfolio to make a good impression on your business partners or potentials clients? We will deliver! Or is it the invitation or thank you letter? Not a problem, simply give us a call. So, whenever you need an impressing marketing material (be it a brochure, flyer, invitation or business card) remember us, we will put our imagination, creativity and artistic talents into work for you.

Greeting, Thank You or Christmas Cards

greeting cards

There are times when you need to complement a gift with a card, or it could be a simple note of appreciation. To make your gesture especially magical we create wonderful greeting and christmas cards. Such cards could include a photogrpaph, which could gladly do for you, or they simply reflect your warm emotions toward that special someone. Work with us and we will do our best to reflect your personality and feelings in this small but beatiful package. The design of a card based on a photograph is very similar to the photo albums we do, and we are proud of our work and want you to be proud of you gift. That's why if you have the need, we have the solution - Just let us know when to start.

Presentations and Diagrams

presentation and diagram

Our skills will help you to prepare that important presentation and make your clients be spellbound your words and graphics. The complexity of the concept that you want to present is not a problem. We will help you to put the it all into one slide simply and easily understandable, or break it apart into intuitive sequence that will logically bring your clients to the right conclusion. We have done it many times before and all our clients were happy. So, why should not you try us as well? Let us work on the presentation while you work on the concept and wording - it simple and effective. Give us a call and we make your life easier.